Use this ancient Indian mantra to land job interview or a promotion


This article is an excerpt from the book  Mantras for Jobs and Career Success that is available on There is a bigger Mantras book I have written that provides techniques to deal with all situations in life including jobs and career, health and wealth, relationships and others. That book is Mystical Mantras, Magical Results.


I have written before how the Indian mantras, that were invented sometime during the first millennium BC, provide remarkable powers if used correctly. Stories abound of ancient Indian sages that used the power of mantras to attain extraordinary powers. The sages taught these mantras to ordinary humans who used them to combat tough situations posed in life and achieved desired results. It is written in ancient Indian literature, that the Indo-Aryan warriors of the first millennium BC, were trained to activate their energy centers through the recitation of mantras and the mantras provided them with extraordinary powers in the battle field. In all the historical drawings of these great battles, you can see a distinct revolving halo around the crown (top of head) of these warriors. This was due to all their seven energy centers being activated and the glow around the crown of the head when activated produces a distinct halo. It is not only in Indian culture do you see this but also in other religions of the world. In the picture of Jesus Christ that you have seen in ancient drawings, have you noticed how right in the vicinity of the crown of his head, is a distinct halo of revolving light?

The Indo Aryan warriors decimated large enemy armies with the extraordinary powers they achieved through the recitation of these mantras. Many legends speak in awe of their battle field prowess.

Earth spirit, Kubera, is said to have acquired wealth of unimaginable proportions just through the recitation of what is known as a Bija (Seed) mantra. He chanted the mantra so many times and more than any human and he is said to have acquired all the wealth in the universe for his own use!

To that end, I would like you to recite this bija mantra which you can use to land that dream job interview or that promotion you have been eyeing for some time. Let me give an introduction to the bija mantras. Bija means seed, and just like a seed sown and nurtured, they are quickly capable of achieving their full potential by you just reciting them repeatedly. The other reason they are called seed mantras is because they use a single syllable of the Sanskrit language. Sanskrit is said to be the oldest language on earth. The power of these mantras is not in their actual meaning (they have none) but the power of the sound they produce. In case this mystifies you, think of all the ancient cultures that used the power of sound in their ritual practices. One such notable culture is the Shamanic culture which used powerful sounds to attain gifts from Mother Nature. Many of the prayers that you perform at a church of temple are said to produce special sounds that help communicate with the universal force of life. In several scientific studies, it has been observed that when the bija mantras are chanted with a specific purpose, focus and concentration, the body starts exhibiting unusual readings. The respiration and heartbeat slow dramatically. Brain activity becomes focused and razor sharp. A distinct electromagnetic field develops around the body. It is as if the body is transmitting something to the cosmic force (The ancient sages ascribe this to your being connecting to the cosmic force called “Prana” to seek help). In western literature, we generally call this power (“Prana”) as the Law of Attraction.

I recently published a book titled “Mantras for Jobs and Career Success” wherein I detail how to practice the Law of Attraction in association with Bija Mantras to get a new job and/or achieve career success. I priced this book for under a dollar because I want everyone to read and benefit from the techniques I detail in the book. One of them using the Klim (Kleem) mantra.

The bija mantra we are going to use is called the Klim mantra. Just like the Shrim, the Hrim and other bija mantras, the sound and vibratory effect of Klim is said to attract whatever outcome it is that you seek in life. Klim is said to use the power of attraction present in nature to draw things into your life. Many people use the Klim mantra to attract a date or a mate into their life. Here, we are going to “attract” that desired job interview or a job promotion.

First, sit in a comfortable posture and close your eyes and start with the 4-2-5 breathing system. You inhale taking as long as 4 seconds, keep the air inside your body for about 2 seconds such that it circulates and gathers all the toxins, and then take as long as 5 seconds to exhale sending out the toxins. According to scientific studies, this sort of breathing expels as much as fifteen times more toxins out of the body! It is no wonder then that ancient Indian sages lived in good health and vitality for hundreds of years!

Second, as you continue to breathe this way, clear all doubts, anxieties and thoughts in your mind. One effective way that I find is to take any thought that arises and put it in a bubble and watch it float away. Do not engage with the thought – put it in a bubble and watch it float away.

Third, focus on the area dead center between your eyes on the forehead. This is the so-called third eye and also the home of the powerful Ajna chakra, the second most powerful energy center in your body. Now chant the Klim mantra.

Kleeeeeeem. Kleeeeeeem. Kleeeeeeem. Kleeeeeeem.

If you notice, the correct intonation of the Klim mantra is “Kleeeeeeem”. The mantra is chanted as you exhale and you should spread the middle part of the mantra as long as for 5 seconds (the amount of time it takes you to exhale in the 4-2-5 breathing system).

Now do the same chanting but this time with attention on the Heart chakra (Anahata chakra) found near the median line and the line that connects the two nipples.

You now have two powerful chakras radiating your wishes to the cosmic force.

Do this a minimum of seven times and more if you can spare the time. You should not consciously think of the job interview or the promotion or anything at this time. In fact, your conscious mind needs to be clear and silent. The Klim mantra will automatically extract this desire from the subconscious and convey it to the cosmic force, Prana. Once communicated, just trust that Prana now will do all that is needed for you to get that job interview or that promotion. Do not doubt the powers of this mysterious universe that we live in.

Recite the Klim mantra as often as you can during the day. The recitation can even be silent.

The Klim mantra is one of the most powerful bija mantras. Again, please understand that while no one really knows how they work, the sound and vibratory effect they create in the body produce remarkable powers. We live in a mysterious universe and there are many things we don’t understand or comprehend about life and the universe. Science cannot even tell you where the so-called human consciousness lies in the human body. They acknowledge its existence but have no clue where it is in the body. We do not know where we came from or where we are going. In spite of all the arrogance that science can control nature, we can’t stop an oil spill from one well in the gulf from spreading a disaster for which we will pay the price for years to come.

I have used the Klim mantra in several situations in life from attracting a mate to attracting a job to attracting a favorable outcomes at the poker table! Realize that Klim is just one of the Bija Mantras and there exist others that have powerful effects. For example, the Eim mantra can get you incredible knowledge which is very desirable in a job setting where knowledge is power.

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20 Responses to Use this ancient Indian mantra to land job interview or a promotion

  1. Sousa says:

    And a mantra for getting a job? Which would you indicate?

    This would bija mantra?

    • Hi Sousa:

      I have a blog post for attracting the job you want. It is the use of the Klim mantra which is a Bija mantra. Please read it.


      • Sousa says:

        Hi Sunil

        Yes, is this post. I’ve read.

        I asked if the Klim bija mantra for job interview or promotion serve to get a job.


        I bought your book.

        You wrote that you need a power greater than in the slot, etc …

        How to attract more energy using supersystems to win the lottery?

  2. RAVINDER says:

    Can we also make money by using the bij mantra from the share markets? And if so than how and which bij mantra shall be applicable.



    • Hi Ravi:

      The Bija mantra to use for wealth and prosperity is the Shrim mantra. The Shrim mantra intonation goes as follows. Shreeeeeeem, Shreeeeeeem. Shreeeeeeem. While just the repeated intonation of a Bija mantra is sufficient, it is more powerful if it is done in the context of the awakening of the 7 major chakras that reside in the subtle body. Needless to say, proper breathing procedures must be followed in the recitation of a mantra. Take a deep break in, hold it in for a couple of seconds, and exhale while reciting Shrim (Shreeeeeeem). This not only brings peace and happiness to mind and body but any actions that you perform while reciting the mantra benefit from the flow of cosmic energy into the chakras. It is amazing how things seem to go your way when you have an awakened subtle body.


  3. RAVINDER says:

    how effective is the shree yantra and what is the procedure and method of praying the yantra.



  4. RAVINDER says:

    Dear Sunil ji,

    Can you tell me about the shree yantra and is it necessary to have the outer three lines closed or they can be open.I bought one yantra which has the outer three lines open and not in closed position.



  5. RAVINDER says:

    Dear Sunil Ji,

    I am waiting for your response to my queries.



  6. Azna says:

    I believe in what ever you have written and i m surely gonna apply this…Thanx..

  7. Sunil

    This is an excellent post. I am going to link to it on my blog.


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  9. preeti says:

    U did nto mention how we r supposed to say it ,i mean where to sit ,when to start and how many time to say.plz explain

  10. preeti says:

    iam sorry its already mentioned

  11. OK… but for true results to manifest you MUST have the correct intentions, a noble mind and generous spirit. One must not misuse powerful mantras such as these. They will give beautiful results spiritually and in general life even if you dont expect anything.

  12. Of course, I appreciate the fact that you have laid down carefully how it is to be used and its benefits, I am quite surprised by how people are losing sight of the real intention for chanting mantras. They are also meant to help and heal other people, not just for oneself. Perspectives regarding its use might vary, but I am quite conscious of God when I chant this. It helps if one thinks about Krishna while saying this…
    Have a good day.

  13. hi i reali enjoyed reading about the mantra and would like to know what is the best mantra for a peaceful life happness

  14. Kumar says:

    Hi Mr Sunil Ji,

    The Mantra that you have mentioned here. What sequence should it be said in?

    I was assuming that the following sequence is to be followed during one cycle which is then done several times a day as time allows.

    One cycle is as follows.
    0. After clearing out thoughts in the head,

    1. Mantra to be said seven times consecutively towards Third eye Chakra.

    2. Mantra to be said seven times consecutively towards Heart Chakra.

    Is that correct? or is it one third eye followed by one heart and repeat the two in the sequence 7 times?

    Kindly enlighten us.

    Thank You.


  15. Nelson says:

    Really helpful. Thanks

  16. sangama says:

    Thank u very much for publishing this mantra

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